Plavid Viral Media Advertising

As bloggers, we are always looking for better ways to make money with our blog. Videos are a great way to do that, and Plavid fills that need. Plavid viral media advertising platform allows you to make money publishing integrated media on your website, blog, or social profiles. Plavid viral media advertising offers three different […]

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6 Powerful Tips to Boost Blog Conversions

Sometimes small things make a big difference and what is the purpose of a blog anyway?   As you read this post until the end, you will discover 6 “leverage points” that you can apply to instantly boost your  blog conversions and turn them into a well oiled sales machine. I use the word ‘sales’ because […]

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Should You Use More Than One Call To Action In Your Google Plus Update?

Google Plus gives us so many options that far exceed Facebook and Twitter. We have the opportunity to reach out to someone and actually be ourselves on this platform without having to worry too much about whether or not the person we’re talking to is real or not. Google Plus has done their dead level […]

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The 80/20 Rule of Social Media Marketing

The mysterious key to step up your game is hidden in the 80/20 rule…   Someone once defined a breakthrough as ‘the sudden cessation of stupidity.’ Ladies and Gentlemen, I had a breakthrough on Saturday.   Do you find yourself spending hours upon hours on social media? Do you look at your stats at the […]

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The Anatomy of an Effective Google Plus Image

You’ve just written this awesome article on your blog and you set out to promote it to your followers on Google Plus.  It’s important to understand the keys to promotion on this platform because it can mean the difference between a ton of traffic and people passing you by. Most people would tell you that […]


Creating Blogger Relations

Blogging is more than just writing content, more than putting down words, and more than clicking publish. While this might shock some, others will find it reassuring and an explanation as to why blogging has or has not worked for them in the past. You see, blogging is about creating relationships through content. As bloggers […]

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The Power of The Plus- The Universal Language of Google Plus

It’s no secret that many people are getting wind of the power of Google Plus. There have been many marketers, like me, that devote all of their time to this social platform, and with great success. There is one language that is universal on Google Plus and that is the “+1″ button. One simple plus […]

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How I Got 3,600 Followers on Pinterest and You Can Too!

Pinterest is too much fun. From the first day I tried it, I was pinning and re-pinning like mad and now I have to limit the time I can spend there, because it’s just too addicting. As you might already know 70% or more of the active users on Pinterest are women. Many of the […]

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The One Step Further Strategy on Google Plus

This day and age that we’re living in we can get a hot meal in minutes, send a text message across the country and have it arrive in seconds, we have technology at our fingertips that allow us to skip the waiting.  This is also hurting our strategy and our ideals on Google Plus too. […]

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Google Plus Camouflage and How To Get Rid Of It

In some cases, camouflage is a good thing.  It helps some of our troops from being seen from the enemy, it enables people to be able to sneak up on an unsuspecting person because the nature of camouflage is to blend in to your surroundings and to keep your visibility low in certain situations. Google […]


Maximize Your Social- A Review of Neal Schaffer’s New Book

Do you know what it will take to truly Maximize Your Social?  There are lots of different strategies and techniques that you can learn from a lot of different people online across a ton of different social networks.  The only problem with that is there are plenty of people that claim to be social media professionals […]

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Stalking Your Way To Better Social Media Posts

Maximize Social Business had a great article by Courtney Ramirez entitled,  ”How to ‘Spy’ Your Way to Better Social Media Writing“ which got me thinking on what social listening really means in marketing. Stalking, or spying, in the usual sense seems creepy, but not when it comes to figuring out how to write and engage with […]