Blog Commenting: Get Your Blog Noticed

You are a new blogger and nobody is visiting your blog. You just don’t know why. You write some amazing articles that people would really benefit from. But nobody seems to want to come by.

You want visitors. You need visitors.

How is the fastest way to get people to visit? Comment.

Commenting on other blogs will surely get you many visitors before the end of the day.

Let’s Talk About a Few Benefits of Commenting

  • Blog commenting is a great way to get noticed by other people. It is true, when you leave a message behind on someone else’s blog commentingblog for their readers to see, people do get curious.
  • Your SEO efforts rely on some commenting here and there. Google likes to see you vary your backlinks. Along with guest posting and article writing you should be commenting to get some backlinks to your blog. Comluv enabled blogs are very helpful to this strategy. This blog is Comluv enabled and so is my WAHM blog.
  • Traffic will soon come back to your site. When you leave intelligent comments people take notice and will come to visit you.

Now that you know the benefits of commenting I’d like to discuss ways to pretty much guarantee you will reap the benefits of commenting.

Comment on Blogs Similar to Yours

Your odds of gaining some visits from the readers of that blog are higher. People visiting those blogs are interested in the subject being discussed and may be looking for more information, that is when you pop up with a blog similar for them to visit also.

If you write about coffee be sure the blogs you comment on are about coffee or some peripheral subject like coffee beans, coffee houses, or even tea. Don’t bother commenting on a blog about saving the whales. I can guarantee you will get no traffic from it.

Comment As If You are Continuing a Conversation

The author wrote that post to communicate something to you, the reader. Reward him or her with a thoughtful comment that continues the thought process he or she started.

Address the author. I rarely see this but find it useful because the author then feels more compelled to answer you or at the very least notice your comment.

Repeat what he stated to let him know you were listening. And then write what you feel or ask a question.

Be intelligent. You want people to see that you also know what you are talking about. That way they will be interested in hearing more from you.

Be One of the First Comments

blog commentingThis is not saying that 34th comment is bad, it is just not as visible as 1st comment. The first commenter usually gets the attention of the author and the audience. Make it count. Liven up your blog commenting.

When I began blogging a few years back I read an article about being the first person to comment on a post and how that was vital. There was a huge discussion back and forth about the idea that that looks like stalking. But I have noticed it works. When I am the first commenter on a popular blog that gets many comments I get traffic from that blog for weeks. Yet when I am 34th commenter I see no traffic.

There is something to be said about being first, just don’t look like a stalker. You may find yourself in the spam folder someday.

Commenting on blogs is the easiest and fastest way to get traffic to your blog. And don’t forget it can be a great way to forge relationships.

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  1. Terrific post. As a newbie blogger I have added Comment Luv and also am in the habit of commenting on other blogs.

    • Phil,

      Using Comluv is a great move! As a matter of fact, just because I use Comluv on my site I have been included in many lists about “blogs that have Comluv” and get a lot of traffic from these. I never intended that to happen but it did—bonus!! :-)

      Keep commenting. After a month of consistent commenting check your analytics to see which of these blogs brought you the most beneficial traffic. Beneficial meaning, they visited multiple pages on your blog and they had a lower bounce rate. This all means they stayed and liked your blog.


  2. I think that the fact that I didn’t choose a narrow niche really comes back to bite me when I’m trying to find blogs to comment on. There might be some relevance to some of my posts, but not all. I suppose it can also be an advantage if you look at it another way, though: more possibilities to engage with!

    • Neel,

      Yes more engagement but I still believe in narrowing your niche. It is never too late, I did it after a year of blogging. I realized I was targeting the wrong audience. They would come to my blog but never stay. As soon as a narrowed down who I talk to on my blog I started getting better comments, more comments, offers in my inbox to guest post and so much more. It is fun to watch your blog flourish as it grows.


  3. Hi Allie its great to see a post about commenting,
    Actually this is one of the essential section of any kind of blog website, and I really loved even a single word, because this the place where the real conversation starts. As I think this article is more beneficial to newbies, for there experience and relationship among the blogger community. For any blogger specially for mine, the first step was reading more and more blogs and of-course without leaving a single comment. The next step was leave an appropriate comment…and so on.
    Thanks again that you have write on this crucial topic.

    • Ranjan,

      You have the commenting down. Don’t stop there. Always check your analytics to be sure you are not wasting your time at blogs that don’t give benefits to yours. And after you comment be sure to share that post on Twitter or Facebook to get more people back to that blog for more exposure for you.


  4. Perhaps it is difficult for a newbie to comment well. It needs a hard effort first but it is going to be easy if
    we often comment on other’s blogs.We must train ourselves to comment positively and objectively.
    We will learn something by giving comments on others. Thank you for your motivation.

    • Heru,

      You are right, sometimes it is hard for a newbie to comment. What I do if I am new I simply ask questions. many time the author of the post is very happy to answer them. They feel they are being useful by helping you.


      • I understand now Allie. This is very reasonable. So I cannot postpone till tomorrow I must comment on other’s blogs if I want to be noticed by others. It looks simple but it is very important, doesn’ it? I won’t forget this. Thank you Allie.

  5. Hey
    This is true that after penguin update, Blog commenting plays an important role in SEO and getting your blog noticed. If you keep on commenting on others blog then there will be a chance that the admin of the page will see your comment and link in the comment !
    Thank you

    • That’s great. I’ve never heard before that blog commenting plays an important role in SEO. This will be something important for me to do this and to prove it. I hope it will work well. Thank you very much Mark brook.

    • Yes, commenting gives your blog backlinks for SEO purposes. That is why it is important to comment on blogs in your niche. the closer the subject to yours the better in Google’s “eyes”.

  6. Hi Allie ,
    Great to see you on Wade’s blog. He’s a great guy!
    Yeah! Commenting on similar blogs has taken my blog to a next level. Not only do I get traffic. I also get to meeting like minded and exciting bloggers.
    Thanks for sharing and hope you have a wonderful holiday season

  7. Allie, I just want to say that a person that has a commenting schedule can really boost their sites traffic immensely! When I first started out, that was basically all I did, and I thrived off of referral traffic!

    • What do you mean by a commenting schedule? Must we comment on a certain blog regularly according to our plan? How long will we wait until we get immense traffic? Thank you…

  8. As an affiliate marketer, I really think it’s indeed a great idea to doing a lot of blog commenting since no one can actually tell where the next customer will be coming from.

  9. Thanks Allie! Blog commenting is a great way of creating backlinks. Of course commenting is not enough, you have to comment in a way that indicates that you also posses the expertise in the topic.

  10. Be the first to Comment and write a valuable comment and people eyes on you, that’s the point what I am thinking about. Is that true? :)

  11. Yes, that’s right. Try to be the first to comment. It is proved to be very effective and it works. I have tried it and some visitors come up to my blog. Period. Thank you for this very good tip.

  12. Commenting first is a great idea because it can bring an extra traffic plus it get noticed early by the blog owner,anyways thanks for providing such an wonderful article.

  13. As well as the reasons listed here, i think blog commenting is a great strategy because it helps you develop content. Every time you write a thoughtful response you are honing your ideas. If you just let these accumulate, before too long you’ll have the raw material for several excellent blog posts.

  14. Yup comments create traffic and backlinks to blogs. One can also get many ideas for writing posts from many comments and sometimes the questions asked by different commentators, will way lead to many quality articles. In other commenting is resource sharing technique.

  15. Thanks Allie it was really helpful for me because I didn’t knew that commenting on blog would also increase blog or website traffic as well as high ranking in Google Search…..

  16. Commenting on other blogs is very important. It is one of the ways to bypass our way to get noticed, traffic and rank in search engine. By commenting we will also improve our way how to communicate something to others. Perfect our skill of writing which is very crucial in blogging. Thank you for this good posting.

  17. Bang on target once again, Wade!
    I make it a point to comment on 10-15 blogs in the same niche` after each blog post. It helps me get noticed for sure, and also gets me link juice.

  18. I’m really making an effort to comment and interact with other bloggers this month because I find that that’s the “social” part of social media that I was not really doing as much as I wanted to. I share a lot of the posts I comment on so as far as I’m concerned, commenting is a part of the process and I like sharing other people’s posts. Feels like treasure hunting :)

  19. Blog commenting is terrific. It works and is really useful. Everyday I always leave comments on some different blogs with high PR in the same niche and the result is satisfying me. Yesterday I generated 28 unique visitors. I love doing this “blog commenting”. And I keep on searching new blogs in the same nich with high PR. I really can count on this way.

  20. thanks for this blog i learned that we need to comment so that the blogger will notice the reader

  21. Leave more positive comments on other high PR blogs and it will supply you more visitors to your blog.

  22. Well this post is not related to my party niche and I’m definitely not the 1st commentator here, so breaking some of the rules! But, i like commenting on other people’s blogs, and I believe that it is important to communicate to build relationships. You did make me laugh tho about not ending up like a stalker and in the spam box….that would be most upsetting!

  23. Great tips I will definitely give them a try

  24. Great tips ill definitely try them out

  25. Great blog post Allie. I never knew there was value to being the first person to comment on a blog post. I’m so glad I found your great post. I’ll be stopping by to read you regularly. Thanks!

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