Blogging Better Than Facebook?

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10 Reasons Why Blogging is Better Than Facebook

Reason #10: Stability- It seems like Facebook is aways undergoing changes. Blogging has none of these frustrating changes to deal with. Facebook changes are fast and furious, and they can drive you nuts! But your blog can be self-hosted, dependable, and reliable. If your blog is not self-hosted, you need to find a reliable hosting company. Save on Hosting at Network Solutions®. Only $5.99/ month, use code HOST0004AF. Valid on new purchases only for all terms.

Reason #9:Bigger Payoff-Facebook marketing is a risky and uncertain investment, but when done right, the time invested in your blog always pays off in the end. Remember, time and patience is the key to making money blogging.

Reason #8:SEO (Search Engine Optimization)-Facebook doesn’t contribute any to your search engine optimization. With your blog, when done right, you can get on the first page of Google by doing correct SEO.

Reason #7:Long Shelf Life-Your blog articles have a long shelf life because they will continue to be found in searches months/years after you have posted them. Facebook updates only last a few days at the most, so your content is not staying where you need it to stay to get the visitors and the money that you need to make money blogging.

Reason #6:News Feed-Facebook decides who sees your updates, but on your blog, anyone and everyone can see your posts. This continues from Reason #7 pertaining to keeping your material up as long as you need it. Once again, your material is limited in Facebook to only your friends.

Reason #5:Content Hub-A blog is the hub of your content and where your thought leadership starts. Facebook only helps you distribute and promote your content.

Reason #4:Offer More Value-Facebook fans will only “Like” your brand if they see something of value that you have to offer. By blogging, you can give them more value in your content via helpful advice, tips, and teaching them new things.

Reason #3:More Clicking-A compelling link on your blog will most likely be clicked, while a link to your Facebook page will most likely be ignored. A poll was done recently about if the Facebook user would be more likely or less likely to click on an advertiser link. 84% said they would not click on a link while in Facebook.

Reason #2:Reach Multiple Audiences-This includes RSS, emails, site visitors, and ALL social networks. On Facebook, you can only reach the people that “Like” your page.

The Number One Reason Why Blogging Is Better Than Facebook

Control You have all the control in your blog. You control everything that happens. You get to do what YOU want and not what Mark Zuckerberg wants!

Facebook is very cool! But when it comes to picking which one is better, its definitely blogging! People like Darren Rowse would agree. Start a blog and start making money blogging today!

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  1. Many people will disagree with you, especially those die-hard Facebook fans, but you do have some strong points, Wade. I particularly agree with the issue of Facebook always changing – this can be really confusing to people. I also agree that there’s bigger payoff with blogging, than Facebook marketing – after all, Facebook doesn’t belong to you and never will, :)