The Most Important Aspects of a Google Plus Marketing Strategy

There are many people that have an understanding of their Google Plus marketing strategy.  Granted, most of these people, like Mark Traphagen have been on the google plus marketing strategyGoogle Plus platform since three days after the launch of the social media site, so they sort of realize what it’s all about.

But having any social marketing strategy to be successful isn’t the amount of followers you have. It’s the reaction that you get out of those followers. What entices them to call you an authority on a subject? What prompts them to +1 or share your update? There is a recipe for success in your Google Plus marketing and I believe that you have to follow these important aspects to get the most out of it every time.

Images in a Google Plus Marketing Strategy

A picture is worth a thousand words. No truer words have been said. We are people that react to the images that we see.

Before engagement happens, before people realize what you are saying has some worth to it, you must draw them in with images, and keep up that aspect of marketing for the individual.

Why Images?

Visuals are processed 60K times faster in the brain than the text you write in the social media update. As a matter of fact, 90% of information transmitted to the brain comes from images and visualizations. Also, people only remember 20% of what they read and 40% of people respond better to visual images anyway.

So images should be your cornerstone for your strategy by far. Even though there are different ways to approach a Google Plus Marketing strategy, they are all important aspects of success on this platform.

For now, what constitutes a correct image?

Getting it Right

Only 2% of the people that clicked on an image of cats and realized that when they got to the website that it was about dogs, actually stayed around. Relevancy makes a difference in any social media platform, not just G+. Keep your images relevant to what you’re trying to achieve in either the blog post you’re sending them too, or simply the message you’re saying in the update.

I love using PicMonkey, an image editing tool, that I use to either put text on the image itself, resize it, or do whatever I need it to do to portray the right message to the reader. However, Google has simple editing tools that you can use when you upload an image from the source if you are more comfortable using them.

Images are the life blood of the G+ update.  Make sure you’re using them.

Text in a Google Plus Marketing Strategy

The pen is mightier than the sword. However, the image is better than the pen. While that may be true, I wouldn’t recommend anyone in the future to bring a knife to a gunfight, but in this scenario, the image trumps the sword. A single image has its place in social media. We appreciate the ambiance that it brings. We are familiar with it. By itself, the image can carry a lot of weight, when text is displayed on your social media updates without an image, it’s less effective.

Images are still important. But when you add text to the image, it becomes even more alive to the reader. In our business, even though images are great, we still need to inform the reader. Telling them just exactly what they’re getting into if they decide to meander to our site is one of the requirements in social media marketing when you’re trying to run a business blog and get either more clients or make more money.

Sure the image alone is fine, and I see plenty of those around G+, but I’m not here to scour the web for beautiful pictures of the sun setting over a beach, I’m here to get someone to hire me, or click on an affiliate link before I grow old in searching for fluff marketing images, or “kissing butt”, because I know that other top marketers do it…actually, the TOP marketers don’t do it at all, they simply share what they feel is relevant, and usually it isn’t a picture of a tiger or kitty.

It’s hardcore help with a marketing twist. It’s help screaming out answers to someone that feels the exact same way that I do when I see these crazy updates. Should you enforce fluff inside of your marketing? It depends on how long you’ve got to make money or build influence. Sure it’s a great way to get more interaction, but when it’s all on the line, the people that are really needing the help will see it and click anyway. You just have to realize what social media really is as a whole before you go off the deep end posting your own stuff.

Getting the text right

As I said before, true-blue marketers could care less about fluff images. Every one I know on Google Plus simply tells it like it is and gives credit where credit is due. Some of the best ways to include your text (and image) is:

  • The Summary: Where you include bits and pieces of the article that can show the reader what they will learn and how it will help them
  • The Opinion: If you’re promoting your own articles, never give your own opinion.  However, feel free to give your opinion when you share someone else’s.
  • The Emotion:  Most people can’t really understand this one.  This has been something that I have been researching for a while now, and I have found that using emotional marketing in social media, any social media update, can be very effective when done in the right form.

A lot of people forget about the text of the social update.  They think that after the blog post is published, then the hard part is done.  When, in reality, you’re just getting started.  Once you publish the post, you cross into the threshold of the content marketing arena where people compete for the reader’s attention.  Simply throwing up any old text is not going to cut it.  Sure, it may work if you have 50,000 followers on G+, but you probably don’t, so pay attention.

Forget words like “Check this out”, “Amazing”, “You’ve gotta see this!”, and things of that nature.  Just because you have slipped in a couple of affiliate links in your posts and are now excited to see someone buy something, doesn’t mean that your followers, or anyone else that sees your content, is going to feel excited too.

Understanding what people want in social media is more along the lines of the Social Media Psychology research I have been doing.

The Final Thought

In the end, the best Google Plus marketing strategy is one that drives traffic to your site, prompts people to perform some type of action, and, make you famous. I’m not going to pull up stakes here and write fluff around this part because that is why each and every one of us are here. That’s why you bought that website, to become rich. Now you want to see it to fruition. The main thing that you need to focus on is the reader/follower.

A good Google Plus marketing strategy will cause them to +1 your article and perhaps share. But a great marketing strategy for G+ will prompt them to become avid readers of your blog.

How to do that? Create content both on your site and in the social media update that allures and attracts. Knowing what they want is only half the battle, getting them to want it is a whole different outlook on the social media update strategy.

What’s the secret to getting more followers on G+?

Really there is no secret.  The more active you are on this platform and the more you interact with people, sharing, +1′ing, and leaving insightful comments on their updates, the more other people are going to say Hey, who is this person?  And they will be curious enough to drag over your name which will in turn automatically make your profile hover card pop up (and this can happen in 18 different places too!) and follow you from there!  Your hover card is who you are and what you do.  It can make you or break you on the G+ platform.  For most people, that’s the only chance they get to attract someone to follow them.  Make sure that you have your profile card filled out as much as possible, telling people what you can do for them.

When I wake up, I get on Google Plus, and when I go to bed, it’s the last thing I see before I turn the computer off for the night.  Staying active and interactive on this platform is key to attracting more people to follow you.

Don’t forget to follow me on Google Plus!

Your Turn

What are some of your favorite Google Plus marketing strategies? Do you feel that text overpowers images or vice versa? That post that you shared that got 15 +1′s and 11 shares, what did you do different? Can you do it again?

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  1. Another great tips for Google plus users like me and you are right about getting more followers from google plus which can be determined by your participation when you participate on Google plus and know a lot of people, then they will also know you, that is the tricks and insert google plus hover card in your blog side bar can also help you increase your followers. Wade you are doing great your article is always interesting

  2. Now-a-days it’s not an easy task to do but on other hand it you will follow these rules into your work art then definitely you will get something for your online reputation.

  3. Hey Wade, nice work on this post. Google Plus is indeed a platform many forget about with all the hype on Facebook and Twitter. But G+ is sneaking up on us, and I must say although I have made a little effort, I have not really been focusing on it because it is so much work. The fundamentals I think I have right with the images and text, but the interaction I have not spent the time on and I see the results, which is that I am not interacted with. So as you say, it takes time and dedication and you have to interact with others. It does not just come to you! damn ;> thanks for the reminder, ashley

    • Yeah it really takes a lot of time and effort on any social media platform, not just G+, to get the interaction that you need to drive traffic. Consistency in interacting is really the most important part in order to get more followers.

  4. Thanks for the detailed tutorial. Well Google + was meant to be a social network but now it is helping bloggers and online entrepreneurs.
    Thanks once again for the tip. I would certainly give them a try
    Have a great week ahead
    Regards :)
    - See more at:

  5. Thanks so much for these tips, I just started utilize g+ in my marketing 4 weeks ago and I have seen the interaction with my site go up at least 100%. All I’ve been doing is just connecting with people and posting pic that fit in with the nitch of my site. This really thanks again for the great info Wade =)

  6. It’s no secret that visuals are working well on G+ – one of the similarities with Facebook I suppose. I’ve just checked our PicMonkey which looks interesting – have you tried Pixlr?
    I do like your point about dropping the use of terms such as ‘amazing’, ‘check this out’ and instead opting for a descriptive update which adds value and allows the person to decide whether they want to see more.

  7. Informative topic.My big personnel thanks to you.I am regularly follow this site post, every time you give me very useful information that’s help me lot, i think you are right.

  8. Thanks for this informative post. I’m still trying to figure out which is the best approach with my site due to the separation between author profiles and pages, and whether or not to link between the two or only use one. Overall though I’m quite happy with Google+ and trying to expand my circle!

  9. Great tips on the Images, definitely going to implement text in the image more for sure.

    Think the best advice in the post was be active. I know I haven’t spent enough time and plan on changing that for sure. Cheers for the post. Mike

  10. Yeah .. That is really great post. You know I’ve a lot of people on Facebook, twitter and G+ but whenever I share something, I don’t get too much traffic from social media sites. Images could be the best way to drive traffic for me and I’ve never tried it. The trick I most prefer is ” Be Helpful and answer Questions according to your knowledge “. Helping others is always a great work to do and I think due to this we can keep in touch with others and let them other know about our site :)


    • Being helpful is always definitely a great approach. But what happens when you don’t know the answer? There are plenty of things that people don’t know, and you don’t want to pretend you know it either. One way that I have found that always brings people in are the images. The better the image the more appealing it seems to them.