How To Find Long Tail Keywords

Ok, so I’ve had some questions about how to find long tail keywords and the way the whole process works and everything, so I thought I would just post about it, tell my subscribers by giving them this link, and get my readers in the process.

How To Find Long Tail Keywords-The Beginning

Long tailed keywords are how you are going to rank quickly in the search engines, and this is eventually what you want to consider. how to find long tail keywordsWhile I realize that in the internet marketing niche, the long tailed keywords are hard to come by, there are certain words that you can pull out that is getting a lot of searches.

Basically you want to consider your blog post first. You don’t want to create content that is going to be muddled with your keyword. That said, have an idea in your head of what you want to post about and use the Google Keyword Tool to get an idea of what you want to use. This tool will help you find out exactly what the competition is for those keywords. There is also a tip on how to find long tail keywords in a earlier post I wrote t

hat can show you another technique on how many people is trying to rank for a word that you want.

Ok, you probably already know that in order to get ranked for a certain word, there is usually a lot of competition for that word with other sites.  So, in order to get around that, there are other words that you can put together, sort of like short sentences, that will allow you to still rank for the keyword that you want. Long tailed keywords are usually the longer version of the word that you want, and they also come with less traffic, but the good thing about these keywords is it is a more targeted audience that you are attracting.

Sure the traffic will be less, but when you can find a long tail keyword then you are pinpointing a specific group of people who are actually wanting to see that specific thing.

In other words, if you try to rank for the keyword “social media”, then you realize that this is a pretty broad range that can cover just about anything. But if you lengthen it out, you start specifying things that people want, like “Facebook Fan Page”…something like that. Even

how to find long tail keywords

though your traffic stream goes down, your relativity goes up, and that’s what you want to achieve anyway! A more targeted audience is going to buy things or perform some kind of action on your blog.

How To Find Long Tail Keywords-The Process

In an earlier post I wrote about how you can actually perform certain tasks that will show you whether or not the keyword is really competitive or not. Now this is not an exact science, however, it has helped me rank small volume-long tail keywords really fast. And if you are getting 100-150 views per month on 10 posts, then you are starting to gain a massive amount of traffic from a small volume of traffic. Small will eventually turn into big later.

Here is what I mean

how to find long tail keywords

It’s a pretty simple thing that you can do.  Put your keyword in quotes and it will show you the results of how many people is competing for this.

Even though the Google Keyword Tool is a great tool to kind of speculate what you will be using, it is not a good tool to actually use to get your long tail keywords with.  One tool that I have found that is great is the long tailed keyword research tool. This is a free version of this tool, and they say that it’s just as good as the regular version too!

In Conclusion

Do you have trouble learning how to find long tail keywords? Have you even thought about it? Well, it’s a fact that having a lengthy keyword choice in your blog will go a long way to produce great results in your organic SEO searches.


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  1. Nice post Wade. The long tail keywords are still one of the most misunderstood tools for bloggers in terms of SEO. Many people look at them as shrinking there audience, when in fact, using the proper LTKs for your blog can help drive just the right type of visitor with less competition. Thanks again for the great post! – Alex at

    • Thanks for the comment! I look for “Long” long tail keywords. It does bring in more traffic because if you are getting 50 targeted visitors with each low competition keyword and you write 100 posts, then that will add up!

  2. Hi Wade,

    Thanks for the great tips. Long tail keywords could really be helpful, though you have to be careful it comes out naturally in your article.

  3. I realloy like the Google Suggests technique as shown in the video, to find long tailed keywords. I use the Yoast SEO Plugin, and it has this feature built into it. It helps to find the Long Tail Keyword that you want to rank for when you are writing your post.

  4. Quality information here Wade. It’s amazing how many bloggers don’t take the time to keyword research. Let alone long tail keyword research. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in keyword research is the same.

    In my niche, I always suggest to my followers and team to start out by using long tail keywords in their articles. Just for the reasons you mention here. For newbies it’s a great way to learn keyword research.

    Thanks for the tip on keyword researcher!

    posted by Galen Morgigno

  5. Hi Wade, I use the free Google Keyword Tool quite a bit. But I have also purchased Keyword Elite, SEO Elite and iBusiness Promoter (IBP) but to my knowledge. None of these tools only focus on long tail keyword research. So I might just be tempted to give the Keyword Researcher tool a try.

    • You may also want to check out SEOQuake and there is a plugin for the Firefox browser that has long tail keywords in it as well. I can’t remember the name, but its the only long tail keyword add on that you can get for that browser.

  6. Since I’m new to blogging these tips were very useful for me! For now on I will start using google keywords. I’m thinking of buying keyword researcher. Is anyone using keyword researcher?

  7. Hey Wade, this is some awesome information on how to find the longtail. This is a great strategy for newbie bloggers that want to pick up traffic from the search engines a little faster.

    • Thanks Tyrone. I actually think that if you can focus on more long tail keywords in your posts, as you go, you are getting less traffic, but once you write about 100 posts, you are getting a lot of traffic for those.

  8. Great post for beginners. Actually using long tail keywords will help you rank higher in Google and also drive a lot of traffic in to your site. This is how I produced a lot of websites and rank high in search engines. Normally I create a lot of these site, sell affiliate products, and get paid for passive income with google adsense.

    • Yes long tail keywords is a great idea to get more traffic in the long run. Even though it doesn’t give you a lot of traffic now, once you build it up you end up targeting a lot more people.

  9. Nice post Wade. The long tail keywords are still one of the most misunderstood tools for bloggers in terms of SEO. Many people look at them as shrinking there audience, when in fact, using the proper LTKs for your blog can help drive just the right type of visitor with less competition. Thanks again for the great post! – Alex

  10. Awesome post!I don`t know how to find long tail keywords.Through this post i have learnt it and Keyword researcher tool is highly useful to me.Thanks again!

  11. These are often neglected by many SEO specialists. The keyword research portion is very important especially in targeting interested people – which can only be done through using a long tail keyword in marketing. How about local SEO keyword research?

    Thanks for sharing Wade. Great information you have here. Cheers!

  12. There were some pretty good mathematical guides related to long tail keywords, I don’t remember the website, but generally it is like building a blog navigation, start with big category and trying to go deeper and deeper in the topic.

  13. Very helpful tip. I always look for buyer keywords because it’s long tail keywords and people who use it are people who willing to buy :).

  14. Thanks for sharing! I am not good at keyword. I use to try google keyword tool and it gave me the better result. Okay! I am accepted 100% for your tip.

  15. Hi Wade, first I want to say thanks for share your post and video here.

    As many of you may know, the long tail keywords is awesome for getting target readers, increasing conversion. For long time, I don’t know how to find one, I did searching on the Internet and your article is a best one. Thanks, I’ll follow your guide.

    Trung Nguyen

  16. Long tail keywords are a great way to easily rank in search engine results pages, coz there are actually tons of them to tap in. They also help us know what our target audience are looking for, exactly. But the only problem with long tail keywords is to include them in the posts and optimize the posts/articles for them without hurting the flow!