Why You Should Start Your List Building Strategy Early

Is List Building For Everyone?

The name of the game for most internet marketers is list building. Creating a massive amount of email subscribers in your account will make up more than 90% of your income as an internet marketer if you play your cards right.

At the Louisville Blogging Convention I spoke at this year, this question was presented to me from the panel.list building

Is list building for everyone?

Maybe you are just finicky about what you need to spend to get your blog started, or maybe the reason you haven’t started your list yet is because you really don’t know that much about it. ┬áBut I can tell you that if you are starting a blog with the intentions of making money, then list building is for you.

Let me say this before I go any further. If you purchase anything, purchase list building tools right away. I mean right away. Before you even start writing, you need some sort of autoresponder to capture people’s emails in the future.

I don’t want to go into everything you need to buy to get your site up and running. You can survive online without a lot of it anyway, but this is one thing that you absolutely need when you first start!

List Building Tools For Success

First of all, you need to have some sort of list building strategy set in place in order to get these visitors to convert to subscribers on your site. The best way to do that is offer a freebie. When I first started I had no idea about this, but the pro blogger who was coaching me told me to stop assuming that people would just trade their email for nothing.

Hmm, so that’s why I never got any subscribers for three months!

Take something that you actually use. Whether it’s a personal strategy that really works well for you or something else, make sure that you can give it away for free.

My most popular email grabber is an e-book that I took the time to write. It’s about my own personal strategies on how to literally blast someone’s social media traffic overnight, which is why I called it Boost Your Social Media Traffic Overnight! Sappy, I know, but it has helped over 6,000 people drive steady traffic to their sites!

The list building tools I prefer

You can’t beat free. I’m not going to argue that. There are plenty of free email marketing platforms out there that you can use…and I’ve used them! However, you get what you pay for! In this case, it is nothing, and that is about the size of these companies!

When I finally came to my senses, I realized that Aweber Email Marketing was the perfect choice, and rightly so. There are no holdups and you can track everything you send, plus there are just more options that you can do with Aweber that you can’t do with the free sites.

Just watch this video

Get Started Today For Only $1! – AWeber Communications

The List Building Offer For You

list buildingSo you still can’t beat free right? Even though Aweber is offering their first month for only $1, I called up the good folks at Aweber and asked them if I could offer their products for free on a test drive status.

Surprisingly, they complied. You can thank me later! Try out Aweber, totally free right now, and see if you like it! I guarantee that you will!

Enter you name and email in the form below and take this great list building tool for a spin for free today!

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  1. good tip any blogger should take notice of. thanks for providing the tools to accomplish this list building. thanks for the share and looking forward for more such useful tips from you.

  2. I finally got everything sorted out with the list for my internet marketing blog, now I need to start building lists on my other two blogs as well. They are different niches, but I can still drive traffic with my emails if nothing else.

  3. Informative post Wade!

    List building is essential, period, if you are planning to monetize a website. When you start building your list be careful of what promotions you offer. The last thing subscribers want is to be offered a crappy product. But if you do by accident as long as you Have A Great Relationship with Your List most likely they will not be too harsh about it : )

    Thanks Again Wade!

    Marc Bell

  4. It’s what you do with your list! Not just building a list. Yeah, just a crappy freebie won’t take you very far. Yep Aweber is a goldmine!

  5. Hi Wade,

    I have read many posts about Aweber email marketing and you just confirmed that on your post, but the only thing that is holding me back is that they still don’t support payment thorough PayPal; not that I don’t trust Aweber with my credit card information but I have monthly money deposit on Paypal and I would like to use it.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the importance on list building and providing the tips on the best ways to do it.

    • If that’s your only beef with them, I would give them a chance. The Aweber staff has always been very supportive, and you can cancel this at anytime. Since Aweber is a reputable company, the cancel button is not hard to find like it is on some places. I understand that you want to use Paypal, however, Paypal also lets you stop payments easy to. Maybe you are worried about wanting to cancel and not being able to?

  6. Hi Wade,
    I am about to finish my free ebook and start building my list. This post really comes in time :) i would just like to add a tool like wpsubscribers as i have seen many famous bloggers using it.