I Love Google Plus! The Guys To Follow In Google Plus!

Happy Anniversary to me! Today is my fifth year anniversary with my wife and as I really start to take a short weekend to show her how much I really appreciate her, I started thinking what I could write about for my weekend post.

I really have fell in love with Google Plus this year and all of the people that are on there that have really helped me get to where I’m at. I got noticed by major influence’s and people that actually have made a difference on this platform, so I wanted to give love to these people. These are all people that I share friendships with or am starting to share friendships with. They are all influential. Not just my personal opinions, these are people where the masses agree with me as well. These are the men to follow on Google Plus!

So, for my anniversary, I want you to circle these people on G+ and watch as they make a difference in your marketing!

Mike Allton of The Social Media Hat

Mike has been a great help to me in both his social media blog and his Google Plus knowledge. He is a professional social media marketing strategist and, even though he would probably never admit it, he’s a pro at G+!

Mark Traphagen from Virante.com

Mark was kind enough to find one of my social media psychology posts about updating and he seemed to enjoy it. He then proceeded to share the post to his followers. A share like this from a man of his stature and influence can really mean a lot! Get his attention and you’ve done something!

Stephan Hovnanian from WebsightHangouts.com

Stephan is an awesome guy that really got my attention when he came out with his Google Plus profile article that shows you how to attract more followers and clients from your hovercard. He is also a pro at G+!

Steven Hughes from GeeklessTech.com

Steven is a really great friend of mine! We met on Triberr, he then started sharing and being the usual friendly guy that he is by asking me to guest post for his site. This guy is a great man to follow because he usually follows you back AND he is always consistently sharing my content!

Neal Schaffer from Maximize Social Business

Neal is another great friend of mine and while his expertise leans more towards LinkedIn, he is still known for his prowess on G+. He is one of the powerhouse influences on any platform. His posts will always help you be better in your social marketing.

Ronnie Bincer from The Hangout Helper

For a while, Ronnie has been my go-to resource for holding Google Plus Hangouts and Hangouts on air. There is a lot of things that you can learn from this guy. He is very smart in the world of video marketing on G+

The Final Thought

These are all great people that you should be following! I know I’m not in the same league as these guys, but hey, it’s my blog, right? May as well include myself! Maybe one day someone will talk of me like this too! These are some of my top choices! If you want to learn how I created those Google Badges, it’s simple, just check out this Google Developer page and it’s pretty self explanatory. Thanks for reading, wish me a happy anniversary, and I’m off to spend the week at the beach with my wife and beautiful family!

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  1. Thanks so much Wade! It’s a real honor to be included in this list. You know how highly I think of you and everyone listed!

  2. Definitely a good group here and thanks for including. Happy anniversary, I wish you and your wife many more. Now go offline for a few hours. :)

  3. I wish you and your wife a very Happy Anniversary, Wade.
    If I hadn’t already these great plussers in my circle, I certainly would have given your recommendations.
    As Mark pointed out, this is a great way to demonstrate how to use Google+ embeds.

    I have a question; how did you get these these hovercards inside a post to give you the option to embed them?
    Or is there another way I’m not aware of?
    Thanks again for a great post and all the best!

    • Hey Ray, you don’t know this but I have been secretly stalking you on LinkedIn, lol! There’s a link where I explain how to do it in the last paragraph, or you could just search out “Google Badges” on Google! Thanks for coming!

  4. Thanks, great list and the way you set up the post made it extremely easy to start following them!

    • Thanks Zac, Ray was wanting to know how I did that, I may set up a post showing how to do it. It’s pretty simple to do, just check out Google Badges and from there you just put your’s or whoever’s id you want to portray. A little work, but worth it.

  5. Hi Wade,
    I am new to Google Plus and in blogging too.
    Your list will help me to make some new friends on Google plus. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Lovely piece, it’s so nice to see people thanking others. I loved your use of Google Badges, never seen this before so thanks for the tip.
    Hope you and your wife have a lovely anniversary.

  7. Congratulations for complete your 5th anniversary beside that G+ has changed number of things in social media.

  8. I already have these titans in my circle. So feel empowered. Have a wonderful weekend, hope you have fun (leave the ipad behind)

  9. great list of great bloggers that we need to follow to see and learn more from them. its always good to associate with some people that started the race before you so that you can gain from their own experiences, Good post

  10. Hi Wade,

    Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing this wonderful people and I had followed them. Heard some of them but not all. G+ is still very new to me. Still need more time to use it but loving the experience.

    Glad to read this on a Sunday morning :)

    Have a great weekend and talk to you soon mate!

  11. Happy Anniversary to you! These are surely wonderful bloggers to follow. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I like the way you embedded these top guys on Google+ with their G+ hover card code. Cool tactic. Where did you pull the code from? On their G+ profile?

    • No, see that link I gave out in the bottom of the post for people that were wondering how I did that? Click on that link and there should be a drop down box to put someone else’s profile URL instead of your own, and that’s it. Just grab the code they give you from that. I may do a post about how to embed hovercards in your posts next week. I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I did that. Thanks for coming Neil!

  13. Wade, Hope you had a happy anniversary! I’m a bit late to the party here, but thanks for including me in the list of awesomeness… And also thanks for interacting with my posts on Google Plus. Yup, the badge thing on your site is a nice touch for sure.

  14. Thanks so much for the inclusion and sorry I’m late to the party! Google Alerts just doesn’t seem to be picking up things like it used to … anyways, I am honored to be included in your list and have enjoyed your content as well. Let’s all rise together – to the top!!!

  15. Same here Wade. Google+ is indeed the hub of reliable people to follow and where real engagement and socializing are real.

  16. I think Google Plus is one of the best network for business promotion and Companies always want to find new ways to promote their brands and products.There are tons of things you have shared. Thanks.